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Statement on 287(g) Program in Anne Arundel County

January 12, 2019

The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee supports County Executive Steuart Pittman's repeal of Steve Schuh's unilateral and shortsighted implementation of the 287(g) program in 2017. We thank County Executive Pittman for interviewing law enforcement professionals such as police and detention officers and trust their judgement that the repeal of 287(g) will have no negative impact on protecting our community. Effective law enforcement is dependent upon community trust and County Executive Pittman has taken us forward in ensuring that trust. As Democrats, we know that working together with all members of our community makes us safer, while fear mongering and distorting facts do not. We will be here working for all members of our county, advocating for a safer and more prosperous future for all, just as we have all along.

Patrick Armstrong, Chair, and the Members of the Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee

Anne Arundel Democrats Launch Vision: 2030 Campaign

January 1, 2019

Anne Arundel County Democrats announce their plans for the future of their party in our county. The bold new take on politics and party building is called Vision: 2030. It incorporates the new energy that has fueled the party to sweeping victories in Annapolis in 2017 and across the county in 2018, with the hardened knowledge of expert policy makers who can guide the Democratic Party forward to continued success over the next decade.

Vision: 2030 sets high goals for candidate recruitment and support, fundraising, and focuses on supporting good policies that will unite Democrats and improve our communities.

The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee is dedicated to building on our recent successes to ensure all communities in our county are connected with our party and our leaders.

2019 will be a bright new year for Anne Arundel County and the Democratic Party will play a big role in ensuring our leaders have the support they need to accomplish great things ahead.

History made for Anne Arundel Democrats Tonight

November 16, 2018

Breaking News in Anne Arundel County Politics

Tonight, Democrat Heather Bagnall won a Delegate seat in District 33! This heavily conservative district finally ousted a long-time delegate who does not share our values and has supported the first Democrat since the early 1990's.
Heather Bagnall - Delegate District 33

And in this election we made history across the county. Not only did we flip a delegate seat in District 33, we also flipped a delegate seat in District 30 and elected another woman to office, Alice Cain.

Alice Cain - Delegate District 30

We have other first-time winners this year as well! Congratulations to them all! The Blue Wave has ushered in a new era of governing in our county and we cannot wait for you all to get to work for the people of Anne Arundel County!

Sarah Elfreth - Senate District 30

Sandy Bartlett - Delegate District 32

Mike Rogers - Delegate District 32

Mary Lehman - Delegate District 21

Sarah Lacey - County Council District 1

Lisa Brannigan Rodvien - County Council District 6
Allison Pickard - County Council District 2

Scott Poyer - Clerk of the Court

Anne Colt Leitess - State's Attorney

Vickie Gipson - Judge of the Orphans Court
And of course, the AMAZING
Steuart Pittman! - Anne Arundel County Executive

We had many superior candidates who ran this year and many were not successful in their campaigns. Our hearts go out to the many great candidates who fought passionate campaigns for the values and polices they believe in but who were not able to get the votes needed this time around. We look forward to working with you on your next endeavors and cannot wait to see you on the ballot again in four years!

We won!

November 7, 2018

We are incredibly proud of each and every one of our candidates who put themselves out there in the public eye to fight for our values. To each and every one of you we say, Thank You.

And to all our voters:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You did it! 

Congratulations to
Senator Ben Cardin, Comptroller Peter Franchot, Attorney General Brian Frosh &

Steuart Pittman
County Executive-elect
Anne Colt Leitess
State's Attorney-elect
Scott Poyer
Clerk of the Court-elect
Vicki Gipson
Judge of the Orphan's Court-elect
Sarah Elfreth: Senator-elect 
Pam Beidle: Senator-elect 
Jim Rosapepe: Senator
Speaker Mike Busch: Delegate
Alice Cain: Delegate-elect
Mark Chang: Delegate
Sandy Bartlett: Delegate-elect 
Mike Rogers: Delegate-elect 
Ned Carey: Delegate
Joseline Pena-Melnyk: Delegate
Ben Barnes: Delegate
Mary Lehman: Delegate-elect 
Andrew Pruski: County Councilman
Sarah Lacey: County Councilmember-elect
Lisa Rodvien: County Councilmember-elect
Allison Pickard: County Councilmember-elect

Ready about elections results here
Coverage of Steuart Pittman's huge victory in the County Executive race here

And a Special Thank You to our friend, Ben Jealous.

Mr. Jealous ran a passionate progressive campaign that made us proud. The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee worked with the Ben Jealous campaign and the Maryland Coordinated Campaign to educate voters about our candidate for governor and to encourage all voters to get behind our leader. We are certain Ben will continue to be a leading voice for Maryland going forward and we thank him for all he has done for Maryland and for Anne Arundel County. Thank you Ben!

John Grasso Must Go

October 5, 2018

The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee calls for the immediate resignation of Anne Arundel County Councilman John Grasso. The councilman is entirely unfit to serve the people of Anne Arundel County as he has shown a complete disregard for people of color and for Muslims as evidenced by months of outrageous posts on his personal social media account.

Anne Arundel County Democrats call on County Executive Steve Schuh to immediately disavow Mr. Grasso and to join us in calling for the resignation of Councilman Grasso. Continued support for Mr. Grasso is an endorsement of Grasso's racist and anti-Muslim views and merits equally strong rebuttal from this committee and from the residents of Anne Arundel County.

Email The Capital Gazette 

Tell them you demand John Grasso's resignation. Demand that Steve Schuh join in the call for Grasso's resignation else face calls for resignation himself.
[Photos attached]
The Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee has obtained these photos from the public Facebook account of County Councilman John Grasso and from the Capital Gazette online. They have not been altered except to mask the names of individuals who commented on Grasso's posts.

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